Our clients are well-known companies from Europe and 97% of our production is exported to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, France.
Mizia 96 AD works successfully according to the customer’s choice of various bases: finished product, СМТ, С.М.

Our clients are:c_150_150_0_00_images_snimki_P90_2961.jpgc_150_150_0_00_images_snimki_P90_3026.jpgc_150_150_0_00_images_snimki_P90_2939.jpg
DIGEL – Germany
VAN GILS – the Netherlands
S'OLIVER– Germany
MASTEX – Germany
H&K – Germany
IPE - Spain

Our auxiliary materials suppliers are leading companies in Europe with established quality criteria: Weyermann, Freudenberg, Knopf Schafer, Helsa, Kufner, SRT, Lainiere de Picardie, Amann, Guetermann, Coats ets…/