Read more: Individual clientsThe Designer room in Mizia 96 AD manufactures men's and women's classic garment in individual sizes.

The order can be completed with customer’s materials or materials from the company catalog.
We offer a wide selection of items, patterns and high quality auxiliary materials and accessories.

Tel.: (+359) 882 448 511

Our clients are well-known companies from Europe and 97% of our production is exported to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, France.
Mizia 96 AD works successfully according to the customer’s choice of various bases: finished product, СМТ, С.М.

Our clients are:Read more: Clients and SuppliersRead more: Clients and SuppliersRead more: Clients and Suppliers
DIGEL – Germany
VAN GILS – the Netherlands
S'OLIVER– Germany
MASTEX – Germany
H&K – Germany
IPE - Spain

Our auxiliary materials suppliers are leading companies in Europe with established quality criteria: Weyermann, Freudenberg, Knopf Schafer, Helsa, Kufner, SRT, Lainiere de Picardie, Amann, Guetermann, Coats ets…/